Saturday, May 31, 2008

Meet the Transformers!

Nick just finished up his soccer season with his team- 'The Transformers!'  It was so fun to watch him play this year- also very funny!  The very first game, Nate and I were kind of loud, telling Nick to 'get the ball,' or whatever.  I found that my throat actually was a little sore afterward!  Yeah, I know, why was I so involved?!    I asked Nick if he could hear us yelling.  He said "yes" and told me that "it was so annoying!"  So, after that, we did not yell at any of the games!  Just quietly encouraged from the sidelines. 


Ward Campout, aaron's B-Day 039Ward Campout, aaron's B-Day 060

It seemed that if the goal posts could have been just a little bit to the left, the Transformers would have made quite a few more goals.  The Transformers seemed to tower above all the other teams and at times had to 'let' the other team have a turn with the ball.  Nick was great at getting the ball and taking all the way down the field.  Nick was usually found behind the team, hanging out, waiting for the other team to kick the ball toward their goal.  Nick was there to stop it and kick it back to his side!  He did a great job and it was a fun year!


    Nick and his coach!                    

Ward Campout, aaron's B-Day 077 Ward Campout, aaron's B-Day 078

Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Day of Preschool

It's hard to believe how fast this year has flown by! Nick finished his last year of Preschool and is looking forward to going to Kindergarten. He had a great year with Mrs. Smart- really, what a great name for a teacher! She was so great with Nicholas and we are so grateful for all she taught him. He learned to read this year thanks to the great reading program at his school. It has been fun to see him progress as he brought home book after book and to watch him figure out how the words come together. He learned a lot of the rules of this complicated English language and cute rhymes to help him remember them. He has grown up mentally this year, but as I was looking at his 'first day of preschool' pictures back in August, I realized he really hasn't grown too much physically. In fact, he is wearing almost the same outfit as he was the first day as he did the last day! Hmmm, maybe he needs some new clothes!

My Girl

Natalie is such a girly girl these days and I am loving it- for the most part. She has discovered how fun dressing up in dresses is. She always wants a dress on and it usually has to be pink. She loves to play with her cousin Emma and try on all her dresses. She is also very emotional and at times it can be so funny I can't help but laugh. She quickly says (screams) to me "It's not Funny mom. I am so mad at you!" Seriously- where does she get this from? I know part of it is from her brothers, and part is just because she is a girl. Nate thinks she gets it all from me. I am not sure if he is saying all the good or the bad- compliment or not? I am not sure, but I love my little girl. Emotions and all!

Monday, May 19, 2008

8 Brothers

I have been meaning to post this picture for a while. We got together with Nate's family and took this picture of all the boys. Colin, the youngest, recently got his letterman's jacket and so we had to take a photo of all the boys in their Alta Jackets! Yes, Nate has 7 brothers. He is the third, the shortest, but definitely the most handsome of the bunch! Go HAWKS!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'd Put You in My Little Red Box!

Nick did the cutest little program for mother's day this year at his preschool. They sang this song about keeping mom in a box so they could always have mom with them. Funny! Nick has been singing the song around the house for weeks and I thought for sure he had the words wrong. But nope! He was right!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Hawaiin Lei!

My cute hubby spoiled me on Mother Day! He brought me home a beautiful arrangement of flowers, a new robe, and then had the kids give me this Lei. It smelled so yummy and made me truly miss my Maui vacations! Nate and I went on our Honeymoon to Maui. We both remember walking into our little condo we rented and the smell of the flowers they had left for us on our bed! Every time we smell it, or something similar, we are both quickly taken back to our first visit to Maui. What a fun memory! I guess I was kind of hoping the Lei was a little hint that he had a slightly bigger surprise lurking around the corner- (like my bags were packed and we were off to the Hawaiian sunset!), but I was wrong this time. But Nate, in case you happen to read this, I wouldn't mind if you did surprise me with that some time. Hey! Just thought I would put it out there!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I feel so lucky to have you as my mom. You are an amazing woman and a great example to me. You are beautiful and I love when people tell me I look like you!! I was thinking today on all the ways I have been blessed in my life because of you. One of the ways that I am grateful for is the love of music that you passed on to me. I am grateful for your beautiful voice and I love to hear you sing. I love the memories of sitting around the piano and playing while you sang. I always wished I could sing like you. I am grateful for the songs you taught me while I was young. At nights when I sing "Whenever I Hear the Song of A Bird' to my kids, I think of you every time. The spirit speaks to me when I hear beautiful music. Thanks MOM! I love you!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission

Uncle Mckie received his call to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and will serve in the Mexico City East Mission! We are so excited for him, but sad at the same time. We will miss having him around! He leaves August 6th. After he opened the letter, Mckay started realizing that he was going to be leaving soon, and Mckay truly loves his uncle Mckie. Mckay went up to Mckie and asked if he could go with him on his mission! Thank heavens he can't yet! I always said that I didn't want to ever have boys and have to send them on a mission. That was after sending a boyfriend off! So, hopefully in 14 years, we will be sending off our first missionary and I am sure that day will come before we know it. I admire my mother in law for sending off 6 boys, and this is #7! We love you Mckie and are excited for you to serve the Lord.