Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving at Chunks!

When Nate went to take a picture of Mckay and I, Mckay put his arm around me and his cheek right up to mine- What a cute little man!!

We had a fun Thanksgiving this year that started out with eating at Chuck-A-Rama at 10:45 in the morning. Nate's family- 8 boys- love to go to Chunks for Thanksgiving every year. We have to miss out every other year- but this was an 'on' year- so we got to partake!! It was crazy busy, and definitely not your traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but the food was yummy. The kids were a little disappointed that they didn't have the usual mac and cheese, but the red jello squares helped satisfy their tummy's! I still can't believe how many other families besides ours that go to Chunks for Thanksgiving! I had Nate take a picture on our way out so we had proof of the line that forms out the door before noon!
We spent the rest of the day having a ping-pong tournament, sleeping, and making magnets! We then had "left-overs" that really weren't left overs but first timers (if that makes sense!), and I once again ate way too much! We had a great day and I am grateful for this holiday season!

I truly love this time of year. I am grateful we live close to our families that we can spend time with them often and that my kids get to play with cousins. I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and to have the knowledge of his life and death for each of us. I am grateful to have this time of year to focus on Him and the significance of His birth. I am grateful to be a mother and to have my sweet little children. I am grateful for our health and happiness! I truly feel that I have been blessed and I am so thankful for that.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I have had some people interested in getting the Proclamation On the Family that I designed, for Christmas. I will be placing a frame order soon (probably the first week of December.) If you are interested, let me know. You can click here: Kate's Creations, or go to You can just order the Proclamation and find your own frame if you would rather do it that way. I can design it to fit any size square frame that you have. I have found a lot my frames at TJ Max and Ross. Sometimes they are mirrors and you can just take the mirror out! Let me know if you have any questions!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nick is 6!

Once again, two birthdays in 3 days. It has been a party at our house lately. It kind of feels like an early Christmas as we left the new toys out and let the kids have a good old time! Nick is such a crack up lately! He is so into making funny faces when I take his picture. I think the one when he opened his present is real- meaning not forced- I caught his excitement right on. Hilarious! Good black mail photo someday! But the other photos- definitely forced!
Nick and I went to Boondocks the morning of his birthday. It was fun to just be the two of us. He loved finding the games that gave the most tickets so in the end he had 200 tickets to buy some lame toys! No, he loved it!
That night he had wrestling practice and then we were off to Leatherby's! MMMMM!!! I spent many birthday celebrations there when I was younger. I was hoping he would be okay with ice cream for his cake so I didn't have to create another masterpiece and he went for it. So, we stuck candles in the ice cream and sang happy birthday there. While we were waiting for the ice cream, Nick was very hyper. He stould on his chair and loudly announced to the fellow ice cream eaters in the restaraunt the it was his birthday. "IT's my birthday!!!" Ohhh, to be 6 again! He ordered a banana split and ate the whole thing by himself.

When I think of having a 6 year old- that seems crazy to me. He is growing up and so much fun. He is loving kindergarten and doing really good with his reading. Nick is so creative and loves to create some pretty cool things! He is a great big brother and helps me out all the time. I love you Nick-o!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Holy Cow!

I just paid $2.08 for gas today! I was excited because I thought it was $2.28 at Maverick- but surprise- it was even less. I feel like I should drive somewhere far away!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Mckay!

My little 3 year old fireball is now a 4 year old fireball! I am so grateful for Mckay and his enthusiasm for life. He is always telling me how "AWWWW....some" something was, or it was "COOOOOOO.....l." He loves to be my little buddy and have mommy time. He has gotten very good at doing puzzles of the last little while, and likes to do them all by himself now. He can't wait until he can actually go to wrestling practice with Nick, and has been practicing all the moves whenever he can. He has got the double leg take down, down. He is out of the stage of needing a nap everyday which makes me sad, but has learned to accept that we still have quiet time and is pretty good at actually being quiet! Mckay is lucky to have an older and younger sibling and loves to play with both of them.

We had a little Spongebob party for him. I can't take all the credit for the cake- Nate was the designer. The family got some good laughs out of it! Won't mention why- but those who know- haha- very funny!!
We took Mckay to Kangaroo Zoo to celebrate his big day. I am so happy to have Mckay in our family. I asked Mckay what is different now that he is 4? He replied, "I can be nice, be kind, and be like Jesus!" Wow, that is going to make all the difference this year. I can't wait!