Monday, July 11, 2011

We love this place

 Just chilling at Bear Lake!  We spent all day every day on the beach while we were their.  And everyone was happy!
 Something about boys with their shirts off- they always want to showme their big muscles!
 You can tell by this smily ones face that we love it at Bear Lake.  The kids couldn't be happier playing with cousins on the beach, splashing in the water, or just being lazy at the cabin.  I feel the same way about it too!

Nat loves to strike a pose
 We love getting some good quality time with dad!

Liv doesn't mind the sand at all.  In fact, she loves to get it onto every inch possible of her chubby little body. 

 It was fun to have uncle Mckie up there with us this year!  And Derek and Jenni too!  Aunts and uncles are the best!!
 Cassidy loved the beach too, but just not the sand.  Not even on little piece. 

Sweetwater Park

We also love playing at the park while at the lake.

 Aaron and Stef took the kids to play while Nate and I finished up cooking dinner. 
 Olivia can never get enough swinging.  She looks at the park out our back window every day and cries "Swing!"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mckay's First Tooth

Mckay finally lost his first tooth.  It is a good thing because he was beginning to look like shark boy with his new tooth growing in behind the baby tooth.  He was so excited to finally have the tooth fairy visit him. 
Way to go Mckay!