Monday, March 26, 2012

Cash's Blessing Day

 Cash was given a beautiful blessing by Nate.  I am grateful he has a daddy that honors the priesthood and is able to bless him.  I felt so loved and grateful this day for all the support of our families.  So grateful for all those that came. 

 Olivia loved all the muffins

 Caitlin and Nate getting some food

Clint Britney and cute baby Bowen

 Derek and Jenny... so excited to meet their new baby
 Mckie and Morgan... excited for their wedding in August.  So happy they found each other!

 Linda and Camille.  Both are mother's of eight children!  WOW!  I admire these two women!
 Lindsey and Britton
 Grandpa and Goldie
 Aaron, Stef, and cute Cassidy. 
 Cash and Goldie...born just 3 weeks apart. 

 Scarlet and Natalie spent some time playing dolls

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Olivia Turns 2!

 We made it to 2!  We had a fun day with Olivia.  As you can see, she was pretty excited when we got the 20 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies that daddy ordered! 
She has a new found obsession with Dora!  So for weeks she talked about her Dora birthday.  
Backpack came with a little phone and the Map.  

I had great plans of making an awesome Dora cake, but this is what it turned out to be.  Luckily, Olivia was happy with it!  She has begged for her own birthday cake almost everyday since.
We love this little lady!  She has such a fun personality.  She is determined to get what she wants when she really wants something.  She is so smart and understands so much for a little two year old.  
Happy Birthday Olivia