Friday, November 19, 2010

Out with The Old...

   and in with the new. 
 It was time. 
Well, past time really.  We were down to 5 plates, 2 glasses,
 and 1 bowl.  My friend told me about these dishes that were on sale, and since I have a hard time passing up a good sale, off I went to Kohls to purchase some Fiesta ware! 50% off, plus another 
30%.   I am so excited to have 12 sets of dishes.  Now I can have people over for dinner.  Anyone want to come? 
It actually makes it kind of fun to do dishes when the sink looks so colorful.  Puting dishes away in the cupboards is fun too!


well, not me, but I could be!   Ever since I have known Nate, he has had this little love, okay, big love, for Mountain Dew.  It has turned into a love affair for Diet Mountain Dew.  He is happy to wake up in the morning and pour a nice big glass of it, and just before bed have a nice cold one.  As well as all through the day.  It could be worse! Right?  I just could never understand it.  He would prefer to have some DMD instead of ice cream at night!  I don't get that!  It would be better calorie wise I'm sure, but I don't know if anything beats a bowl of ice cream after the kids are asleep at night!
So, in most cases- I don't like soda.  I like Rootbeer floats, and I like Fresca- especially mixed with Grapejuice.  But it all makes me burp... like instantly....  and I just prefer water.  I've tried liking Diet Coke because all the skinny people seem to have a diet of Diet Coke and Chocolate Chips.  I just can't get my taste buds to like it though.  So- back to Mountain Dew.  I like the taste of it.  It started with taking swigs of it when there was nothing else to drink.  Lately it has gotten more frequent though.  Like- When Nate gets home from work with his drink on ice and it looks so good. 

Well, today, after breakfast, I had a break through.  Not in a good way though.  I was doing the dishes, puting the milk away, and saw the Mountain Dew in the fridge.  I wanted it!  I wanted to pour myself a glass and drink it.  It was 8:00 in the morning.  Whoa!  How did this happen.  Nate is in so much trouble.  Luckily, I held strong and didn't give in.  Right next to it was the carton of Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, which I really like, and I poured myself a bit of that instead.  It satisfied, for now.  I hope I can hold out and not start down the slippery road of DMD addiction. 
(I texted Nate and told him what had happened.  I know he is secretly hoping I will share in his addiction someday!) 

Monday, November 15, 2010


8 Months Old
I love this Girl!  She makes me happy.... especially when she is happy!  I still love playing dress ups with her too.  Dressing little girls never gets old.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nick's Baptism

Nick was baptized on Saturday, November 13th, 2010 at our Stake Center.  It was such a special day and I am so grateful he chose to be baptized.  He has been looking forward to this day for a long time.  Our Bishop, Bishop Vance, has been asking him for a while "What is more important than being 8?  Being Worthy."  Nick has been repeating this over and over and truly was worthy to be baptized.  He also recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost and was given a special blessing by Nate.  We had lots of loved ones with us that day and over for lunch afterward.  Nick told me that it feels really good and special to have the Holy Ghost.  I am excited to have another member of our family with that special gift. 

 Nate and Nick headed up to the church early to get ready to go.  As Nat, Mckay, Olivia, and I were headed up later, we were talking some about baptism and what a special day it was for Nick.  Mckay told me he was excited because now Nick could never be mean to him again!  Later at the baptism we were watching a video about the Saviors life and the miracles that he performed.  Mckay leaned over to me and asked, "will I be able to that when I grow up?"  I told him that he would have that same power if he was worthy to hold the priesthood.  How awesome that we have the priesthood power on the earth.  The same power to perform miracles that our Savior did.  I am grateful for the priesthood and that Nate honors his priesthood.  I am grateful that Nate was able to baptise Nick and confirm him a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

7 months old!

My baby is 7 months old now.  I love my little Livvy!  It has been so fun to watch the other kids with her.  They all want to hold her and love her and entertain her. 
She seems so much smaller than my other babies.  Sometimes it feels like I should know what I am doing because she is my fourth, but I don't!  Once again I am realizing how different they, we, all are! 
She likes me to hold her at all times if possible and doesn't like to eat baby food!  She has no interest in rice cereal, bottles, or anything mashed up that a baby would like!  She does however like to nurse.  Well, sometimes!  Nate did feed her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich one day and she liked that.  He forgot the no peanut butter rule!  She sometimes likes a few bites of my cereal- my sandwich, or whatever else I am eating. 
She loves to laugh at her sister and brothers and hates when Chewy gets near her.  He likes to take whatever she is playing with. 
She still has an infected belly button.  The Dr.'s don't know why or what it is, but recommend we 'just watch it!'  We have been watching it since she was born! 
She has learned to reach for me and it I have to admit I love that she loves me so much.  It is as if she can't get enough of me at times!  If Nate is holder her, she watches my every move. 
She loves bath time!  She starts smiling and giggling when I set her near the bath to get it all ready. 
She makes the cutest baby sounds when she wakes up from her naps and is waiting for me to rescue her.  She does have a cry just like Natalie!  Maybe even worse!  It is like a growl almost. 

I am grateful to have my baby girl and look forward to watching her learn and grow!

It's Great to be 8!

 My Nick-o is 8 years old.  The long awaited 8th birthday!  We are so excited for him to be baptized this weekend.  The kids were up around 6 am awaiting the time to see Nick open his presents.  Nick got a ripstick and clothes!  He was excited to get his Uof U sweatshirt, shirt, and hat.  He is getting better at the ripstick everyday. 
Carly, Nick, Tyler 
We went to see Megamind that night and then to dinner at RockCreek Pizza.  Some of the cousins met up with us too. 
 Derek and Mckie
 Brie, Stef, Cassidy, and Aaron
 Dad and Nick
 His Skateboard Cake
 (pretending to blow out the candles!) 

Nick, you are so much fun to have in our family.  You are so busy and sometimes I wish you could be little again and we could just lay on the couch and take naps together!  It is so fun to hear you speak Spanish and see how quickly you are picking up on it.  You are doing great at learning to play the guitar with your dad and the little songs you are learning on the piano.  I am so excited for you to be baptized this weekend!  Love you Nicholas!

Mckay's 6th Birthday

We had a busy birthday week for Mckay and Nick.  It started off at Cheesecake Factory with Grandma and Grandpa.  Yum!

 He woke up early on his birthday and was a little dissapointed that the table didn't have any presents on it.  Much to his dismay, we told him to run downstairs and get dressed for the day.  He was so excited to go outside and find his dreams come true.  Really!  He has been wanting a 4-wheeler for a few years now but we kept saying no because we have no room for one!  I don't know what changed- but he got it!  Lucky boy.  He has spent hours riding it every day since.  Just wish the batter held longer than a few hours.  He has been so cute to give people rides on it.  I love to look out and see Natalie on the back with her arms around him and her head resting on his shoulder.  Cute kiddos!
 We went swimming that night and had a great time.   
 Livvy and I watched from the side with Linds and Scarlett.
 We came home and ate Perry!  (Phineas and Pherb)  This was my first attempt at Fondant,  so don't look too close.  Mckay was excited to eat him. 

Happy Birthday my Mckay.  You are such a sweet boy and so loving.  I love you and I am grateful to have you in our family.  Mckay is so good at saying his prayers.  He usually gives "Thank You Prayers."  Which means, he says he only says things he is grateful for even if it is thanking in advance for things to come- like Colin coming home safe from his mission.  He has such faith and knows that he will be watched over and come home safe! 
Mckay's favorites:
Color: Red
Food: Pizza and Mac and Cheese
TV Show: Spongebob
Movie: Harry Potter
Activity:  Ride his 4-wheeler
Part of School:  Playing on the Playground
Friends:  Hannah, Eva, Cara, Micheal


 Before we went out Trick-or-Treating we went to my mom's for soup and a little party with all the cousins. 
Britney and Olivia

The witch and Dorothy(aka Jenny)
 Dumbledore and Harry (aka Tyler)
 All the cousins
 Grandma and Grandpa.  Thanks for hosting the party!
And the Costume award winners!  Way to go Linds and Brit- you look HOT!

2nd Grade Halloween Program

We got to go watch Nick at the school for his Halloween Program.  It was fun to see all the kids in his class in their costumes.  They sang a little song with the lights out and scared us all.  Nick was so excited to spook us out!  It worked!

Delahunty Fam Halloween Party

We had another fun Halloween Party at Chris and Camille's the week before Halloween.  We had a great time playing Minute to Win It games and eating lots of yummy food! 
Nick really wanted to be Harry Potter this year, but when we found this awesome Dumbledore costume from Grandma- he decided this would work great.  Grandma made the costume years ago for Colin!  Thanks Grandma Linda for letting us borrow it. 

Natalie decided to be a witch almost a year ago and stuck with it.  She wanted to be a pretty witch not a mean one.  She was excited to dress up every time and loved getting make up put on!
Mckay was Anakin and Luke Skywalker this year- depending on which Light Saber he brought with him. I never realized the color of light saber meant so much but apparently it does.  He looked so cool in his costume!
I dressed up as a witch with Natalie and Olivia was our black cat.  Not so happy about it at times- but she loved looking at all the kids in their costumes. 
This is Olivia and her cute cousin Cassidy. 

And Nate!  Not sure what he was.  He met us at the party from work and put on what I had grabbed from the costume box.  I had great intentions of making him a mummy costume to go along with me being a witch.  It never happened though!  Maybe next year. 

Delahunty Cousin Party with G&G

 Grandma and Grandpa Delahunty invited all the Grandkids over for a Halloween Sleepover!  The kids were so excited to go and asked me every day how many more days until the party.  I heard more about this than the trick-or-treating.  Grandpa had told the kids that they could eat until they threw up and watch scary movies until they peed their pants!  I had the kids pack their bags before we left and Nick informed me that he only was bringing 2 changes of underwear.  I asked him why two?  He said Mckay was bringing 4 and he wasn't sure if that was enough!  They fully were expecting the scary shows to be pretty scary!!  I think they were good and didn't need them- good thing for Grandma and Grandpa.
 Linda had the place decked out for the party complete with all the cute frog eye drinks, eyeballs to eat, 'finger' foods, etc.  Thanks Alan and Linda, we had a great night out and so did the kids!