Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crying makes snot come!

Natalie just said to me " Mom, I'm not going to cry ever again. Never, ever! Because it makes snot come. Are you so happy mom?!" Yes Natalie, I am so happy!

Kite Flying

Yesterday was a great kite flying day! We are once again loving this little tease of what is to come! I looked out and there were about 10 kites I could see from my window. I had to take a picture! Too bad the grass isn't green to go with the warm sun, but soon enough it will be! A neighbor was selling kites for 50 cents- the kids all had to have one.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nick lost his first tooth!

Nick was brushing his teeth the other day and out popped his first little tooth! He was so excited to finally lose a tooth. He took it everywhere with him- to school to show his teacher, all of his friends, and finally tucked it safely away under his pillow. The tooth fairy was very generous with this first tooth and brought 5 gold dollars and a little stuffed animal! I think the tooth fairy has a difficult time figuring out how much each child should receive. Cousins receive one amount and friends another and Nick knew how much each one got!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Words of Wisdom

Last night we had Nate's Grandparents over for "Thanksgiving" dinner. It was really fun to have them here. The kids were so polite during dinner- just sat and actually ate and listened. That does not happen at our too often- I am thinking they need to come more often. Grandpa told us all about growing up in Australia and how part of the family came to the US during WWII.
After dinner, Grandma shared her favorite scripture with us. It was Ecclesiastics 3:1-8. It talks about there being a time and a season for all things. Grandpa talked about how when you are young, time seems to fly by so fast. It is important to let the little ones, be little and enjoy there childhood. Soon it will be gone. He told Nate and I to enjoy this time we have with the kids being little and having them in our home. Soon they will be gone and it will be just us. He said how time seems to be moving so slow now that they are older. I was so touched by his words and the reminder to enjoy my life right. It isn't always easy to enjoy 3 little ones day after day, but I know this time will pass and I will miss it!
I am grateful we had the chance to have them out and it made me wish we lived closer to my grandparents and could have them in our lives more.
Hopefully grandma and grandpa Delahunty will come out again and share more words of wisdom with us.