Monday, July 20, 2009

The hike to the cave!

We took the kids up AF canyon to hike to Timpanogas Cave. Little did we know that you have to buy tickets and that they sell out rather early in the morning. We decided to hike a ways up and see how far we got. It probably was a good thing that we didn't pay to go through the cave. We made it about half way! Nat and Mckay had had enough at that point and let us know that their legs were going to fall off. Nice! We need to go do it again with just Nick, maybe next summer!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Beach!

Huntington Beach!

Of course, some of our favorite time was spent at the beach. Is there anything better than lying on the beach and playing in the sand and ocean? We love it! We have decided that getting to Newport is a bit easier than taking everyone to Hawaii- and the beach is the beach? Right? (well close)
We went down to Huntington beach to see the Smiths. We miss them and it was fun to get together and eat at Wahoo's and Rubys.


We had so much fun in California with our family. We stayed with Ry and Whit first. It was so good to spend time with them. Nat and Callie had matching outfits. We had a little pedicure time.
Then we went down to Newport and met up with my family. We ate a delicious Father's Day Brunch at the Hyatt- yummy! I had to take a picture of my plate- it just looked so pretty!

Then had to take some cute pics of everybody all ready for church. We got to go to church with Britta and her family in Huntington. It was so fun to see her and the fam too! Oops- no picture!

We spent a day at Sea World and loved it! They had an All Day Eating Pass that we bought for each of us. When the kids wanted a drink- they got it! When they wanted a treat- they got it! When they wanted anything-eating wise- we got it. It made it so much fun-who knew eating and Sea World went so well together!The boys all went on the roller coaster "Atlantis." Mckay was excited to go and enjoying the ride until they came to the big hill. He asked if they had to go down now, and when the response was "yes," he screamed his heart out. He was scared to death. My poor baby! I felt so bad for him. This is the picture after the ride!

This is what is was like most of the time we spent in the hotel room with all of the kids! It was crazy! The poor people below us!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wheeler Farm

Every Wednesday we have been doing a fun activity with friends. The first week we went to Wheeler Farm. Highlights of the day were chasing the Roosters. The biggest Pig we have ever seen. And,of course, feeding the ducks! We had a fun day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In the process of updating, Finally!

Somehow I missed the whole month of June, and now it is July! So much to update, but couldn't stand the look of my blog. So did that first, and the rest is to come! Wheeler Farm, Newport, Seaworld, Hiking, Birthdays, and the 4th of July!