Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sleepy Baby Cash

Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Easter Egg Hunt

We had the first hunt of the season in the backyard this year with the Delahunty family.  The field was covered in peeps, eggs, and soda!
 Olivia was very excited to fill her basket with the peeps, but even more excited to sit down and eat what she got!  It is always fun to see the little ones realize that all this candy is up for grabs. 
 Emma, and Carson
 Ira discovering the soda.
 And Nick.  He wasn't very interested in the little Easter eggs!  Soda is a lot heavier than little eggs and takes up a bit more room in the basket. 
 Cute little Juliette.  It was so fun to have Ryan and Whitney in town. 
 Natalie showing me her goods!
 Grandma, thanks for all the cute peeps on a stick.

 Grandpa giving Nori bunnies!  Fitting for Easter I guess. 
 James packing around Hyrum.  I love what good brothers my nephews are.  Hope my boys grow up to be like them!
 See, she loves the peeps!
McKie and Morgan.  We are so excited for these two to get married in August. 
 This will make 7 brides for 7 brothers!
 Kirsty and Emma
 Cute Cassidy
 Cassidy was making Cash laugh and shared a little egg with him. 

 All the cousins.