Saturday, February 16, 2008

{Happy Birthday Natalie}

My little Natalie turned 2 Saturday, Feb 16th! It is hard to believe it has been two years since my little girl was born. We were so excited to have a little more pink in our house, or should I say a lot more pink! She love's pink. I asked her what she wanted for her special birthday dinner, and she said, "pink!" We ended up having spaghetti- close to pink. We did have a pink fishy cake, pink strawberry ice cream, and pink wrapping paper! Natalie was so cute all day and so excited to help me make her cake. She was so excited to play with her cash register from G&G, her microwave to cook us some yummy camera, or spoon, or whatever else she found to put in it. And, new princess undies?! Do I smell potty training in the near future? OH NO!!!
I am thankful for my little girl that loves to dance with me, sing songs, and wear jewelry. I am grateful that she loves to cuddle, and play with her brothers, and loves to kiss daddy good bye everyday. Happy Birthday Natalie! I wish you could stay just like this forever!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Grand America and dead Dinosaurs!

What do 'The Grand America' and Dinosaurs have in common? Nothing really, I just had two thoughts on my mind today, and I am combining them into one!
Yesterday, I had a wonderful LoVE dAy thanks to my cute hubby! He arranged a babysitter and took me to The Grand America for a couple's massage. It was so fabulous. It was so relaxing and fun to be together! Thanks honey, love you!!

Now to the dead dinosaurs. Today I was telling Mckay a story about the jungle. To make a long story short, there were 3 guys, going on an adventure through the jungle. They found a huge purple snake that gave them a ride through the jungle. We were going through all of the animals they saw- talking birds, monkeys, giraffes, alligators, zebras, etc. He added in dinosaurs, and I said, "nope, dinosaurs are dead." He looked at me as if I just told him somebody died. It was so sad. "Dinosaurs are dead?" I am not sure why I felt I needed to break it to him right then, but I did. I explained how there was a big fire and earthquake and how this all happened a long time ago and they all died. He was heartbroken! I guess it is good he figured this out now, and not searching for dinosaurs his whole life, but still I feel like a mean mommy to have to break this to him! I think I am going to have to take him to the Dinosaur Museum in the near future.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Get a ROOM!

Last night, as we were out for family night, some young teenage boys made my day! Nate and I had just gotten the kids into the car and were walking around the back to get in ourselves. I stopped him in the back to talk about where we should go get ice cream with out the kids hearing all of the choices. So, it was cold, and we had our arms around each other to keep warm. That is all, I promise! A car full of boys drove by, and yelled "get a room!" It was so funny and I wish we had time to give them something to talk about! It made me feel as if we were dating and had no where to go but stand in a parking lot! Luckily we don't have to get a room- we already have one! The joys of being married!

After reading Melissa's blog yesterday about her and her hubby aka. Mr. Wonderful, I decided that Nate and I need to take their examples to heart! Just like Pres. Hinckley Recommended: Be a little more kind, a little more patient, try a little harder to be a little better." I think this goes for all of our relationships, especially those that are most dear to us. So Nate and I made a pact to "be a little better" in our relationship, to have a little more patience, and to express our love for one another more often! I love you babe!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Istanbul was Constantinople

Lindsey, Brit, and Houston moved to TURKEY!! Yes, Instanbul, Turkey, that used to be Constantinople. We are so sad to have them gone again. They are still living in a hotel and have yet to see where they will be living for the next few months. It is hard to believe my little sister is living so far away and in such a foreign place. I am STILL trying to get her to start a blog so we can be updated more often and see what it is really like over there. We are praying for you guys and can't wait until we see you again.

Here is a map of that side of the world for all of you who can't remember exactly where Turkey is. Yes, that is IRAQ you see on the border. At least she is on the other side of Turkey in Istanbul, but still. AHHHHH!