Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bear Lake

 We had another great weekend at Bear Lake!  We love that place but didn't get to go enough this summer! 

 Cash learned to hold his bottle and fed himself for the first time!  He is 6 months old now!  Crazy how fast he is growing!  I love that he takes a bottle.  I have never had a baby take a bottle so easily and it makes life a little easier with baby #5! 
 Olivia loves playing with Natalie.  This life jacket we got her this year is great.  She loves to wear it and will just swim all over the lake with it on. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 60th Dad

My amazing dad turned 60!  We celebrated up at  Deer Hollow.  We had such a great weekend with the family. 
 It started out with a yummy dinner.  Here's grandma ringing the dinner bell for all the fishermen to come back to the cabin.  We laughed, talked, fished, hiked, ate, ...
 Dinner consisted of my favorite Honey Lime Enchiladas, salad, Jello (dad's favorite), and chips and  mom's yummy guacamole. 
 We did a little program to celebrate the 'birthday boy.'  And to be honest.. it was pretty funny!

 Lindsey and Brit re-in acted my dad driving to California  and going to a dance with her while they were dating.  So funny!!
 We sang my dad his favorite song.. The Motorcycle Song.  See.. we thought we were funny too!
 All the grandkids sang 'I Love to See the Temple'

 My mom and dad laughed and laughed!

 Emma did a dance for us
 My mom wrote a poem about my dad
 Cute little Goldie
 Houston, Lindsey, and Goldie
 Scarlet, Gage, and Liv
 Miss Cambry

 Liv checking out one of the ponds. 

 The Girls!
 Eli and Char

Getting ready to hike up to the ropes coarse

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6 Months Old

 Cash is 6 months now.  I love his sad face!  He can go from happy to sad in a second and he breaks out into the loud mad cry that sounds like he has been crying for hours.  Luckily he is a happy baby and me holding him usually makes him happy again.  That, or food! 
We love this little guy.  Well, he is not so little... kind of big to be carrying around all the time.  
His measurements are :
Weight:  20 lbs. (80%)
Length:  29 3/4" (98%)
Head Circ:  47 1/2 cm.  (99%)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

 We spent the 4th of July at Char and Rick's house.  They have the BEST view for fireworks across the entire valley.  It was Awesome! 

 Grandma set up a fun Water-balloon Pinata game.  It was glow in the dark too! 

Two Ponys

 We were finally able to do 2 pony tails in Liv's hair!  She was pretty excited about it too. 
She is so animated when it comes to smiling for the camera!  Love this little two year old!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Thunderstorm

 Mckie and Morgan are getting married!  We are so excited to have 7 brides for 7 brothers!!  Linda threw Mckie an awesome man shower Nacho Libre style. 

Nate's pre-activities attire...   'Santo Dirto'
 Here is Chris with a little extra hair.. Notice the taco stand in the background.  Yummy!
 Aaron and Grandma Groen
The first game was a Relay race.  Linda set it up so cute!  The boys had to put on stretchy pants, dive through the 'secret tunnel' (if they could fit),  smash chips with their elbows, and make a nice mask!
The ladies get to sit and watch the festivities since it is a Man shower!
The boys getting ready to race
My handsome Hairy chested man
The next activity was some sort of wrestling game.  As I took this picture, I thought Nate was going to be paralyzed for sure!  I saw one of the brothers get him in a wrestling move that folded him in half, then I saw Andy slam the entire pile!!  AHHH!  He was fine, just a little smashed!
James and Mckie were the winners
Ahhh, Cute couple
and an even cuter couple... Camille got in on the dress up action too!
and so did Cash!
It was fun to have Derek and Jenny there too!  SO excited to meet their little Penelope Ruth the end of July
 Mckie and his 'Back Up' Singers serenaded Morgan.  She now knows what she is getting into... a little of it at least!
 The boys... gotta love stretchy pants
 The kids were so sad they didn't get to come party with us.  So we had our own little nacho party! 
and Aaron and Stef.  We love these guys and feel so lucky to live next to them for a little while.  Wish they would come build by us so it would be longer!