Sunday, November 22, 2009


On the way home from Athens, we stopped in Paris for a day. It was one crazy, amazing, long, day. I am amazed at how much we were able to see. Our flight got into Paris around 11 in the morning. We quickly got checked into our Hotel, and then got on the train out to Versailles.

This is the back of the Palace of Versailles. It was truly amazing and huge! It was originally built on 37,000 acres of land and has 700 rooms.
Looking into the Hall of Mirrors. Nate, admiring King Louis.

The front of the Palace of Versailles.
After the Palace of Versailles, we got back on the train and stopped at the Eiffel Tower. It was so neat to actually be there, and see it in person. They do a light show at night. So beautiful!After many hours of walking around, we finally found LADUREE. So yummy!

A few things we learned while in Paris:
1. Call your bank before you travel out of the country so they don't stop all of your Credit Cards due to fraud protection programs.
2. 100 Euros is not enough cash to have for an afternoon in Paris.
3. Riding the train around is kind of expensive. Probably should have looked into getting a pass for the day, if they sell one.
4. The Subway starts shutting down around 10:45 at night.
5. It helps to be kind to a large group of Mexican guys who are lost as well. Even if you are a single white female with no husband around. I felt a bit safer with a large "Posse" with me at 2 in the morning in the middle of Paris.
6. The Paris Airport is basically shut down at 2 in the morning. No people. No Taxis. No Shuttles.
7. The Hyatt Hotel has great customer service and came to our rescue. I would highly recommend them!
8. They sell LADUREE at the airport. So, if you can't find it while walking for miles and miles, don't worry. Just get it on your way home.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Nate and I had the opportunity to go to Athens, Greece, and visit my sister and her cute family. We has such a fun time. It was truly amazing to be there and see such an ancient part of our world. Thanks to our families for making it possible for Nate and I to go with out the kids. We spent a week in Greece, and then flew to Paris for a day on the way home.

Athens is so crowded everywhere you go. I am so impressed with Lindsey that she dares to drive anywhere, and how well she does it. I think if I had to drive there, I would be stuck inside all day- or just walking. The streets are so crowded with card parked on both sides and motorcycles everywhere. In just the week I was there, we hit a car when turning a corner, and got hit by a motorcycle while driving down the road. We just kept going in both cases!
We went shopping at the Plaka a few times. It is streets and streets of shopping in the shadows of the Acropolis.
We went to the ancient city of Corinth. There was this amazing castle built above the city.
These are the old pillars of the Temple Apollo.
Nate had has most favorite Gyro in Greece at this cute little cafe, Gemelos. The owner was there and his name was Nick-o. He gave us a large bag of clementines to take with us.
This is me with little Scarlett at Syntagma Square. Every hour they have soldiers do a routine and a solute to the 'lost soldier.'
Lindsey and I at an old church on the side of the Acropolis. The acoustics in this church were amazing and I couldn't help but start singing. You know, the Ariel type of song! There was a man posted outside the church who quickly came in, and asked Nate what I was doing. He replied, "singing." The man asked "why? Is she a singer." Nate said, "nope, she just thinks she sounds pretty." Lindsey and I couldn't stop laughing. The man wasn't very happy with us!
Nate and I on Mars Hill. This is where the Apostle Paul taught his famous speech about "the unknown God."
Sitting on top of the Acropolis looking over the city of Athens. There are 6 million people just in the city of Athens.
The Parthenon.
The stairs to the Propylaea
Looking over a beautiful Ampitheater.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Nick!

Nick turned 7 this year! Hard to believe only one more year until he is the big 8! Nick is such a good big brother and so kind and loving, most of the time. He is doing great in school. We took him to Classic Fun Center for his birthday. We had a great time and didn't realize what a fun place that is. We will have to go back again soon. The kids loved it. They roller-bladed, played lazer-tag, jumped on the bounce houses, climbed through the jungle, and didn't want to leave when it was time to go!

His favorite food is Chicken and Rice.
His favorite thing to do is play with Andrew.
He loves the U of U, and claims to "hate" BYU! Obviously parent influence has no pull on him, and his cousin Ty has great influence.
He still loves to play with Legos and is a great builder.

I love you Nick-o! Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 2, 2009

We made it to 5!

Mckay Day One
18 months old

Mckay turned 5 today! I have to say that we had a pretty good day. I think he had a total of one tantrum. Yep, still having those. Maybe 5 is going to be great for him?! Hoping!!! I love my little Mckay. I made him breakfast in bed, we played with his new guys and shark boat, and then spent a few hours at the park. We had some tuna fish sandwiches together, watched a movie, and then he spent the afternoon playing with friends. I made him his favorite Chicken and Rice for dinner with green jello. It took a bit to talk him into that instead of Mac and Cheese, but after I told him he didn't have to eat the peas with his dinner, he was sold.

We had a Birthday Party for Mckay on Halloween. We searched for eyeballs through brains, went on a treasure hunt, had mummy dogs and Slime juice for lunch, and ate a Spider Cake. It was a fun party!
Things Mckay loves:
Star Wars
Mac and Cheese
His new bike
Making his bed every morning right when he wakes up (Really, he does!)
Wearing Snow Boots all the time
Figuring out Songs on the Piano
Snuggling with mom in the wee hours of the morning

I am grateful for my Mckay! Happy Birthday little buddy!