Friday, October 31, 2014

Bradley Family Halloween

 We had a fun party at Grandma and Grandpa Bradley's for Halloween.  So fun to see all the kids dressed up!

 We always go next door to the neighbors house.  They do some great decorating!
 Then on to decorating cookies and other fun games.  Grandma throws a fun party!

 The School parade

 Natalie wanted to be scary this year, so no smiling for pics makes her extra scary!
 And Nate had some fun with Mckay's face!  Freaky!
 My Super Heroes!

Happy Halloween 2014

 Nate and I got into the fun this year!  She-ra and He-man were the masters of the Universe!

 Liv was Elsa along with all the other little girls, and Cash was Spiderman.  Nick was a great Nerd and Mckay was cute clown.  We had a fun night at the Delahunty Halloween party. 

 James and Red dressed up too.  And here is a closer look at Mckay. 

 Natalie wanted to be a scary costume this year.  So she was a Spider-Fairy. 

 Grandma dressed up as Grandpa and it was pretty accurate!  Cash had to get a picture with uncle Aaron as Batman.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Little Trip to Philadelphia

Nate and Sam went on a little weekend trip to see Mckie and Morgan in Philadelphia.  
They had some fun times and from what I hear,  a lot of laughing!
 I am grateful that Nate has so many brothers and each one of them gets along with each other.  They each have grown up to to be great men and husbands.
 Nate got to meet cute little Nash!  I can't wait to hold this new little Delahunty.
They of course had many Drink runs and did a little golfing.

 Nate and Sam bought Morg and Kie a swing for baby Nash.  Morgan was pretty excited about it!

 They went to Mckie's White Coat Ceremony.  Mckie can now practice on people.  What a neat adventure for Mckie and Morgan, but we look forward to the day when they come back home!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grandpa Cash's Funeral

Grandpa Cash passed away very unexpectedly and it was sad to see him go. He went in for a knee surgery and got pneumonia and died in the hospital.  Grandpa Cash was a great man and we miss him. 
Nate and Aunt Debbie

We were lucky to have Andy and Kirsty come for the funeral.