Thursday, August 25, 2011

4 Wheeling

 Some friends invited Nate and I to go 4 wheeling with them for a Date night.  The kids were a bit jealous and said that it is no fair we always get to do the fun things.  I say it is was good for us for  a change!
Well, pretty good.  Some how we got going up a road that was pretty crazy and I wanted to get out and walk on every turn!  On the way down, I did just that for most of it.  Then it started to get too dark and rainy, so the ladies had to ride.  It was fun to get out and do something adventurous for a change!

This is Nate coming down the rock where we got high centered going up!

 Thanks for the smile Amy!

Back To School

 School is back in session for 2011!  Nick is in 3rd grade this year and not sure if he wants to be in spanish immersion still because it was so hard last year.  I have heard that his new teacher Sra. Govers is an easier teacher than Sra. Duran!  No homework so far- so that is a good sign for him!  Not sure how I feel about it!
 Mckay is in first grade.  He was so excited to eat lunch at school and be able to walk home with Nick.  He is starting Dual Immersion this year.  He has two teachers: Mrs. Mcdaniels and Sra. Lambson.  He likes both of them so far.  His report on the first day of school was that it was Scary and Long.  He didn't seem too bothered by it though and was happy to go back the next day!  The first day he saw a boy whose leg was gushing blood and the ambulance had to come get him.  He said he just closed his eyes as he had to step over the blood in the hall!!  Yes, I would say that is scary too!  Another boy in his class got lost and they were afraid that is why the ambulance was there.  All is well and he comes home telling us a new spanish word every day. 
 It has been so fun to see these two getting ready for school together, packing lunches, doing morning jobs, and being excited together.  They have been riding bikes to school together.  So fun for them. 
 Olivia was excited for them too.  She wanted to be involved just as much as everyone else.  The night before school started, we had our back to school dinner and family night.  We then invited the neighbor kids over for the candy cannon!  Nate's brother made a candy cannon that launches candy and the kids all run crazy for it.  Nate made one for us to have and it is a blast every time we get it out! 
After the candy cannon we came inside for father's blessings.  After the boys had their blessings, Olivia climbed up into the chair and wanted one too.  Nate gave her a sweet little blessing and she sat so still and quiet for the whole thing.  It was precious.  She is such a smart little girl and I am amazed everyday and the things she understands. 
 Natalie starts Kindergarten a week later than the boys.  She gets to go to the new school this year!  She can hardly wait for the day.  I hope it isn't too crazy with kids at two different elementarys, but they didn't give me the choice!  So, we will make it work and hope that it is just for this year. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Delahunty Swim Party

We had the annual Delahunty Family swim party at the White Towers Pool in Sandy.  It is the one time every year we get together with the whole Delahunty Family.  The love swimming in the pool and it is always fun to see everybody. Natalie has some pretty great moves!  She mastered the back flip off the diving board.  The boys have not figured that out yet! 
 Nick is great at cannon balls and diving and did manage to scratch his upper lip on the bottom of the pool!
 Olivia wasn't into swimming, just walking around and playing on the slide.
 Mckay has some cool backward jumps going on!

Monday, August 8, 2011

REAL Soccer

We've taken the kids to a couple REAL Soccer games this summer.  It has been a fun family activity.  I think the kids look forward the treats they get, more than the game.  Soccer games are great because they are in the evening, and only last 2 hours! 

The Happiest Place on Earth

and maybe the most crowded in July!  We had to stop in at DisneyLand while in Southern California.  It's hard to be so close and not go.  So the whole family went together.  It was fun to be with everyone!

Waiting in line for Pirates.  Olivia was a little freaked out on the ride and wanted daddy to hold her!
 Derek, Jenni, and Nick waiting in line.  We did a lot of that!
 Mckay and Natalie eating lunch at the French Market.  It was pretty good for Disneyland food.
 Olivia liked the corn bread and grapes. 

 Granma and Grandpa, Linds and Brit
(I am feeling bad now that I didn't lug my good camera around on this trip.  The pics are not so good!)
 Natalie escaped and went on Dumbo together.  It was a long line, but we were able to get in a pink dumbo so it made it all worth it!

 Half of us went on the exciting Jungle Cruise while the others went on Indiana Jones. 

 Lindsey and Scarlett
 This is Olivia around 11:30 at night!  She did surprisingly well all day.  She crashed soon after this with Grandma while the rest of us finally used our fast passes for Star Tours.  They were the first fast passes we got for the day and they were for 11:30pm!  Crazy!  We have lots of fun memories of the day including shutting down Space Mountain! 

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove State Park is one of our favorite beaches in Newport.  It has some great waves perfect for body boarding, tons of little sand creatures to discover, and we love eating at the Beachcomber Restaraunt when we are there.
Olivia loves the sand and chasing the birds.

Nat and Scarlett

Mckay showing Scarlett what he just discovered!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We're leaving on a jet Plane

 well, some of us did. 
Olivia and I flew down to California for our yearly trip to Newport.  Nate and I just couldn't bare the thought of a 12 hour car ride with her.  SO, I took one for the team and flew down with just her, while Nate drove with the rest of the kids.  I have to say that it was might fabulous and I think this might just be the plan every year.  Not sure what Nate would say about that, but he might be okay as long as Olivia continues to remind him how much she doesn't like the car! 
She loved the plane by the way.  One happy baby!