Sunday, May 30, 2010

Final Days of Soccer

Mckay and Nat had so much fun playing soccer together. Mckay got a few goals scored for the team, and Nat touched the ball a couple of times. It was a successful season!
Coach Mitchell was great!

Getting the metals at the end is one of the most exciting parts. Showing off the metals for the rest of the day is even more exciting!
Huddled for a pep talk! Love the girls in there little shorts! Natalie and Kiya were found dancing around the field many times.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nat's last Day of Preschool

(Posing done all on her own!)

After mckay kissed her, she kind of looked at him in shock. She doesn't usually have such 'pleasant' treatment from him!

Natalie had her last day of preschool at Miss Emily's today. They had a Luau Party complete with a flower lei and a candy lei. We love Miss Emily and will miss her. Luckily Nat and Chloe are friends so Nat will get to see Miss Emily still.
YAY for SUMMER TIME! We are glad you are here!

Miss Jodi's Preschool Graduation

Mckay and Miss Jodi
Mckay and Isabelle
The Boys

Mckay is done with preschool and looking forward to Kindergarten. YAY! He had such a great time with Miss Jodi and the other kids (especially Isabelle!). He had his little graduation program today and just like Nick, he was pretty quiet when it came to performing. He sang his alphabet song, Days os the Week, Months of the Year, and A-Tootie-Taw! Way to go Mckay!

2 Months Already

Olivia is getting so big! She weighed 1o lbs at her 2 month appointment but when I look are her in her car seat she looks so big. Sad! She is such a good little girl and I feel like I just can't get enough of her. Really! She goes to bed around 10 and wakes up around 5 or 6. I have never had a baby have such a good schedule at night so young.
Makes for a happy mommy! (most days)

1st Kid in 1st Grade... Complete

It is hard to believe this year has come and gone. Nick had a great year with Mrs. Richins and his many friends in his class. We went to his 1st grade program and loved to watch him up there with the kids. He was so funny and acted like he was too grown up for most of the songs. At one point, he was trying so hard not to laugh out loud! Silly boy! We love you Nick and are excited for 2nd grade!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dressing up Chewy

Sunday mornings at our house are pretty exciting! We love having 11:00 church, which I love. Nate has meetings every morning at 6:30 and this is what he came home too last Sunday! Chewy was dressed up as a Power Ranger. The kids love Chewy- almost too much, poor dog. He generally puts up with their affection and only occasionally fights back.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can Heavenly Father Clean My Room?

Last night as I was tucking Nat into bed, we were talking about Heavenly Father. I told her a story about Him, and how He answers our prayers. We were discussing how He can do anything! She paused for a minute and said,"Can he come in our House?" I replied "yes." She said, "Then why doesn't He help me clean my room?" Hmmm, I think she is looking for the magic wand that I am still searching for!
Natalie has been learning that she can clean her room all by herself and that I don't always have to help her. She always tells me that is it too hard! She usually whines and cries for a while before even attempting it! After she does get it all clean, I have been quick to point out that she can do Hard Things!

This is a picture of Natalie and uncle Colin. He just got his mission call last week to Honduras! We are so excited for him, but will miss him while he is gone. He leaves in July, a week before uncle Mckie comes home.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Olivia's Blessing Day!

Olivia was blessed on Sunday, May 2nd. Nate gave a very sweet blessing and it was such a great day. I love having family over and I am grateful to have so much family close by. She wore the same dress Natalie wore. Just before we were walking out the door, I told Nate I wished we had a white blanket for her. He quickly ran downstairs and found the blanket that he was blessed in that his mom made! I don't know why we never used this before! It was perfect! I am grateful that Linda made this for Nate and saved it just for this purpose.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Mckay has discovered rollerblading! He loves it and is actually pretty good at it. He falls often, but always gets back up with a smile on his face. He is very good at making sure he has all his pads on before he heads out. I love this boy!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nat's New Haircut

The other day, Nat was playing at a friend's house. She came home with a new haircut. I cried. It was the first day I have been able to put her hair in a french braid. The braid got cut off. She also has some cool 90's looking steps on each side of her head. I have to keep reminding myself it is only hair and it will grow back. I mean look how much it has grown in 4 long years!

Blender Boy!

The other morning when I was in the shower, Nick was yelling at me through the door. "Mom, I have something stuck on my arm!" He started getting a little panicky, so I quickly got out and took a look. Low and behold- I met Blender Boy! He was emptying the dishwasher and checked to see if he could fit his arm through the blender. Yep! He could! Just couldn't pull it out once it was in. I soaped up his arm and out it slid. (quick note: notice the ding on my wall beside him. That is from Nick running into the wall with his knee. It dented the wall, not his knee. Hopefully someday it will get fixed!)

The other night we were over at Grandma and Grandpa's house and Nick stuck his fingers in a knob on a kitchen drawer. We actually had to quickly unscrew the knob to get his fingers out. I had to take a quick picture and couldn't help but laugh a little! What a curious little boy!