Monday, June 20, 2011

Heber Valley Camp

 I got the chance to go to our Stake Girls Camp this year and loved it!!  I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to have gone and get to know some of the amazing women and girls in our Stake. Heber Valley Camp is beautiful and such a great place to have a camp.  The spirit is so strong up there and provides the perfect chance for testimonies to grow and develop. 
 We had a great time on the Lake in our paddle boats.
I got to spend time with my cute niece Ally
 There was an awesome swing at the challenge coarse.  WHoa!!!

This little one was one happy girl when I got home.  That was a long week away from each other.  My other little girl on the other hand, was not so happy.  Olivia had no clue who I was and would not even look at me.  She cried when I went to hold her and only wanted daddy.  It took about a day, and I was her favorite once again.  It was a long week away from family, but I think every mother needs to have this experience.  I hope I get to go next year!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nat's Preschool Graduation

Natalie had a fun year at Miss Kim's preschool.  She got to go with her cousin, Jackson.  She made lots of new friends and is ready for preschool!
 They told a cute story about hats and they all got to bring a hat to wear. 
Checking out her Diploma!  Way to go Natalie!  I can't believe you are ready for kindergarten.

Nat and Miss Kim.

Nick, the Soccer Champ

This was Nick's second year playing soccer, and he loved it.  He played when he was barely old enough and it was like a punishment making him play each week and chase the ball up and down the field. 
 It was a much different story this time.  He learned so much, thanks to Coach Waite.  He looked forward to going each week and in the end decided to try out for The Rage.  I guess we are going be going to a lot more soccer games and practices.  This will be the true test if he likes it or not!

 I love this picture of him watching the ball so intently and planning what to do next. 

Soocer Season

We had a fun soccer season this year.  Nick and Mckay both played and had games at the same time most Saturdays!  I think we had warm weather for two of the games and froze the rest of them.  The boys didn't seem to mind!  They loved every minute of it.  We loved watching them play and run as much as they could!

Luckily Mckay was on his best buddy Micheal's team with his dad as the coach.  It made for easy practices right out the back door and fun for the boys to play with each other this year rather than against!