Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nat's New Bed

I always planned on keeping Natalie in a crib for as long as possible. I have had my babies so close together before, that they were always out of it and into a big girl bed before they turned 2! So, I thought for sure Nat would be in it at least until 3- since no babies are coming to kick her out! But, the crib broke the other day, and now- she is in her big girl bed (same crib, broken gate!). Luckily, she has been so good. She stays in it, and loves it. I love that when she calls me to come get her in the morning, I quickly remind her that she can just come get me instead. Maybe it is meant to be that I can have another baby now that she doesn't need a crib, but I guess in my head, it still is not time! I am loving having a little girl still though. She is starting to love wearing her new Hawaii necklace that G&G gave her. She is starting to request things to be PINK! She loves to do her little shake it shake it dance, and likes to have pigtails! I wonder how much of it is me wearing off on her, and how much is her just being a little girl? I love it either way!!
(Sorry about it being sideways! I am still working on figuring this part out!)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet

Our beloved Prophet President Gordon B. Hinckley, died Sunday, January 27. I am so grateful for the life he lived and the example he was to me. Last night for Family Night, we were discussing Pres. Hinckley's life, and the blessing it is to have modern day Prophets. President Hinckley was such an example of kindness and acceptance of all people. I love to think about the reunion that he must have had in heaven with his sweetheart, and so many other amazing people that were there to welcome him home. I am grateful for this gospel and for the knowledge that we will all be reunited again one day with our loved ones. I look forward to the gospel continuing to spread throughout the world and to touch so many lives as it has mine. I am grateful to know that we will soon have another modern day prophet that will be called and that modern day revelation will continue on this earth.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am so excited to finally post this! It has been in the works for a while and finally ready. My sister and I have been searching for The Family: A Proclamation to The World that we love and want to frame in our home. So, after searching and not finding any, I decided to design on. I have digitally created it and it can be personalized for each family. It is a 12x12 size and made to fit either two or three pictures. I have also created designs for your kid's room with your child's pictures and initial. I have fallen in love with these frames and so excited to be able to sale them with the designs. You can choose which design you want, the frame you want, and what color you want the frame to be. You can look at the new designs at ktcreations.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yeah! Their staying!

We are so excited that my sister Lindsey, Britton, and Houston, are staying home this season. For the past few years they have traveling around the world playing ball for different teams. It is always so hard to have them so far from home and places where we can't watch the games. This year, they decided to stay home and play for the Utah Flash. We went to his first game last weekend and had so much fun. They play down at UVSC. The kids loved it. The team mascot is a fox and Natalie and Mckay were completely entertained the whole time watching him and hoping that he would come say hi to them. Natalie kept saying, "Hold you. Hold you!" I thought she would be freaked out if he actually came close, but I was wrong. After the game, we went down to see him and she reached out to him. She gave him a big hug and held his hand. She loved it!! Nick went and sat with Lindsey on the front row and sat quietly the whole game too. One of the refs asked Nick to hold the ball during one of the time outs, and he felt very important. It will be fun to watch Britt play this season. Love you guys and were happy you are here!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vacuuming? Who would have thought!

So today I had a breakthrough- I guess my husband would call it that. He is very excited about this breakthrough too! I discovered that I love to vacuum and should do it more than once a week. A couple of years ago, my vacuum died after a Kirby salesman had me dump baking soda on my carpet and see how well my vacuum sucked it up, compared to his. It started smoking and burning as I was sucking- it had no problems before this. Beware of Kirby Vacuum Salesman! So Nate went out and surprised me on day with a Walmart Special!! Thanks BABE! It is now on it's way out too! So if any of you have suggestions on a vacuum that you love- let me know. It does make some good loud noise though. Which is why I love it! Here are the reasons why:
1. The kids are a little freaked out by the loud noise and tend to stay away from it.
2. I can't hear anything besides the vacuum ie. kids, telephone, TV.
3. My mind thinks clearly with the loud noise. (It is like Nate explaining to me that he loves to work while some heavy metal song is blasting in his headphones.) I have a chance to just think about whatever I want- a new scrapbook layout, blog idea, what to cook for dinner, how to be a better mother, wife, etc.
4. When I am finished vacuuming, the entire house appears clean. I have to clean each room as I go and usually put things where they go. I do leave the vacuum on while I do pick up each room- just for the NOISE I guess!!

Throughout my vacuuming years, I have figured out is not all about how fast you can make each room have straight lines, but how slow you can do it. It does suction better, and it makes my 'ME' time last a lot longer too!

I have to post this cute picture of Natalie too! I love her little Leg Warmers and so does she!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Street Sledding

The other day as I was driving up my street and was noticing the snow that still covered the street. I decided that there was no need to go to a big sledding hill, but that we could sled down the street- hence the name Street Sledding! It was fun for a minute and guess it isn't such a bad thing that the snow plows haven't figured out how to plow a circle! Also, what is cuter than seeing your little baby in her snow suit for the first time. She looked so cute! When she fell over, she couldn't get up and I loved it!! I was hoping my neighbors weren't looking out the window as I had to show the kids how to run and dive on the sled to make it go down the hill. That would have been some good black mail!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had a 'Rockin New Years' this year. (Well Rockin as much as it can be with the small amount of alcohol in all of the chocolate we ate!) For the past few years, we have had a pinata with candy, toys, and $$$! If you would have been privileged enough to have been there in the past, you not only would have seen 9 adults diving on the dirty cement floor dollars, you might have gotten a couple yourselves. Nate and I have always been the best divers and scavenged the most money, but decided this year that we couldn't afford to scuff up any more of my shoes, and rip any more holes in our jeans. We all voted to just have the pinata for the kids -candy and toys only- and play a little more civilized game for the moo la!!We did get smart this year and celebrate the new year around 9:30 with the kids- poppers, grandma and her silly string, and lots of screaming! We put the kids to bed and all put on our game face. When money is on the line- you have to be serious about it all. We played a little Farkel, and then got to playing "Speak It Not." It is just like Taboo, but with Scripture words. Of course, the girls were the winners + Rick, - the gift of gab rules!!!