Thursday, September 29, 2011

BYU vs. Utah

 By the looks of these pictures, you would think we were some pretty big football fans around here!  We really aren't, well Nate and I aren't, but the kids got into it this year.  And Nate helped get them all ready.
 It was fun, until the game started!  Blahhhh- how lame was that.  I guess it is good that Natalie really didn't care!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Growin' in the Garden

Olivia loves to check out the garden every day.  Each afternoon, she says to me "Garde.  Garde mommy!"  We venture out and she explores.  She loves to look under the big leaves to find some summer squash or zucchini. 

She sits right down to get comfy and so she can get a good look.  She loves to find the tiny green tomatoes and puts one in her mouth.  She will suck on it for a while, but when she accidentally bites into it, it comes out pretty quick and she finds a new one!

Delahunty Grandkids

We got together for some pictures this summer when all the kids were in town.  It was fun to spend some time all together!  23 grandkids with more on the way!  It will be fun to see how this picture changes and grows over the next 20 years. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Boys

...came home from school today and found a box of these!
 Why?  Not because BYU has their first game this weekend,
and we are not having another one of these,
or these,
 but we are having another one of these.
and Nick was extactic. 
 (I think Mckay was more excited about the cookies!)

We are having a baby boy at the end of January.  Baby #5! 
I know, I think it is crazy
too, but it's true. 
We are all very excited around these parts to meet the new
little one.  He looked pretty cute on the ultrasound today.
Only slightly alienish! 
He and Olivia will be 22 months apart.  I have had them closer,
so it shouldn't be too bad!!  NO, it will be good and fun to have two more
close together! 

She's a Kindergartner

 Nat can hardly believe the day finally came.  She could hardly handle the week while her brothers went back and she had to wait. 
 She had a busy first day of kindergarten.  It started with her first day of piano lessons.  She came home and we took pictures.  Then off to school with Mrs. Baird. Right after school we hurried home and went to gymnastics.  Tuesdays are going to be a busy day this year for Natalie, but she told me she wishes everyday was busy like that!   She told me she liked kindergarten, but it wasn't like she thought.  She thought it would be more fun. I think she was hoping for  Reading stories, playtime, and snack time!  The writing and listening must have been a little much, but I guess it wasn't too bad because she was just as excited to go back the next day.  She is at Riverview this year while her brothers are at Harvest.  Hopefully we can get them all at the same school next year. 
 I love that she is smiling as she follows the kids into class.  I surprised myself by getting a little emotional as I watched her go.  She is so grown up and such a good girl.  She is the peacemaker in our family and usually so sweet.  I am excited to watch tmy little girl grow!

New Jammies

Olivia got new jammies and she was so excited.  She kept saying "pretty" and was so happy to show everyone them before she went to bed.  We love this little girl!