Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Few Random September Photos

Nate helped me make do tomatoes one late night.  I love working in the kitchen with him  I'm thinking he looks pretty good in an apron too!  Wish we could have fresh tomatoes all year. 
Nick had a late game one school night and they lost.  The boys decided to drown their sorrows in ice cream!

Nate and Liv had a little daddy-daughter date to the park and the gas station.  Two of Olivia's Favorites. 
She climbed to the top of the pyramid at Neptune Park.  Brave girl!
And one random photo from the day Nate graduated from the University of Utah.  Cute baby Nicholas with his bald head.  He was a bald baby for a couple of years!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Cecret Lake

We hiked up to Cecret lake on Labor Day with the rest of Utah!  Ry and Whit's family came with us.  What a beautiful Hike.  Liv and Cash made it most of the way on their own. 

Nick caught a salamandor

Labor Day Tournament

We spent Labor Day Weekend up in Bountiful for a soccer Tournament with Nick.  They won and had a great time too! The other kids are so good at tagging along and trying to enjoy watching Nick play!