Saturday, September 22, 2012

Liv's First REAL Game

Olivia finally got her chance to go to the Real Soccer game.  She was so excited to go with Daddy.
Taking a 2 year old to the game isn't always the most fun, but Nate said she did pretty good.  Only a couple melt downs!  She loved all the goodies she got to eat. 

They went down to the after party with the players and got donuts.  Yumm!

 and Leo was down there.  Liv was too freaked out to actually get close to him.  But like looking from a distance. 
 Mac and Nat got signatures on their Jerseys. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


We finally have an actual house to look at!  

It has become an everyday activity to check out the house and see the progress.  It has been a good thing we are so close and can see what has been done each day because we have caught something wrong almost every time!  

Here's Nat on the new front porch.
The fireplace in the family room

The view from the family room looking upstairs.  I am so excited to have such a n open room, but hope it doesn't end up being too open.  
My new barstools came today too, and they match the paint color I chose for the kitchen table!  I was hoping the colors wouldn't clash!
I am excited to see it all come together

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rainy Day

Love this pic of Liv.  Thanks Stef for trying out your new camera on Liv.  The girls were dying to try out Cassidy's new umbrella in the rain.