Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just like me!

We went to the baseball game on the 24th and saw a great firework show! My little Nicko, takes after me in a few ways and this is one of them. He can sleep anywhere and always falls asleep in the car if we drive longer than 10 minutes! So I kept looking at my kids during the fireworks to make sure all was well and they were all loving it. I noticed Nick looked tired but didn't realize how tired he really was! When I looked over at him just as the amazing grand fanale was finished- he was out! The big bangs, loud music, nothing fazed him. Nate always reminds me how I fell asleep when at the buzzer shot when John Stockton sent the Jazz to the NBA finals! What can I say!! Sleep is good!

I'm 2!

Mckay has a new way of showing us how old he is! He is into anything that has claws and GROWLS! ARRRRR! He growls kind of loud and it's kind of scary too! Watch out!!


The boys were out playing in the gutter,
so Nat had to follow suit! She loved splashin' in the water and eventually was all wet but still having fun.

Monday, July 23, 2007

"Slubber Party"

Friday night I asked the kids if they wanted to have a slumber party in the family room. Mckay and Natalie jumped up and down saying "yeah, yeah!" Nick on the other was a little unsure and not so excited. I asked him what was wrong. He told me "slubber parties are gross." He said he didn't want to get every body's slobber all over him. Slubber?-Slobber?-Slumber! So I guess they all sound kind of similar. I explained the difference and we had a fun night watching movies and eating popcorn! Luckily I think we all kept our slobber to ourselves!

Nat's Favorite Toy

So Natalie is in love with my sunglasses. I am thinking I need to buy her a pair just for her to destroy. I know that somehow she won't enjoy them as much as she enjoys mine, just like the cell phone problem!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


So Nat can say bubbles now! She goes into the garage and points up and says "bubbles!" She isn't happy with just a little thing of bubbles. She has to have the biggest bubbles she can and what was I thinking when I bought it?? It makes her happy so that's all that matters right?!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Temple Trip

So I finally took the kids to Temple Square. I can't say that it was really fun,(for me!) but it was an adventure. We went with cousins to the Church History Museum display for children. Then we went across to see the temple. Mckay was very excited to see Angel Moroni on top of the temple. They were very thrilled that the big fountain was on. Natalie was trying to stay away from Nick most of the time. Nick has a new fetish with holding his little sis and it drives her crazy! Overall, we had a good time, but will probably wait a while before we go again.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So my hubby Nate! I am in Love! The other day I looked over at him and had one of those moments. He is so handsome. Sometimes life just gets so crazy. I am a mother of 3 crazy but adorable little ones who need me all the time and I don't take moments to look at my true love and remember what this life is all about! We have gone through some crazy times lately. Nate has gone from being a CFO with way too many demands on his time, to becoming a Landscape lighting Architect in a month. We sold his all time Favorite car and now have a truck. Nate says he is not a Truck guy, but he sure looks hot driving it! It has been a great change for the family and we love having daddy home more. The other day we were driving and Nate was deep in thought. I asked him what he was thinking about. he said "the sprinklers." Are you kidding me? You are thinking about the sprinklers. For the last 3 years the only thing that has ever been on his mind has been WORK!! AHHHH WORK WORK WORK!!! And now the only thing on his mind is sprinklers. That was the best response I have heard in a long time. He actually has time to think about sprinklers and he has time to work on sprinklers. I love it!
So my hubby is wonderful and handsome and I am still in love after 8 years!! I love you babe!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nick's Prayer

My little Nick-o is getting so old. It is crazy to see how much he is learning and how smart he is getting. Tonight he said the cutest prayer, and I had to write it down. Here you are- enjoy!

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for sending all the builders over to build our nice house. Thanks for having Home Depot that we can buy stuff for our house. Bless that the stores will never run out of stuff so we can always go buy it. Amen"

So first, our house was built by "the builders" about 4 years ago! Second, -Yes we did spend quite a bit of time at Home Depot today, and have spent many other Saturdays there this summer. Always a fun adventure with my 3 little ones. Home Depot is just one of those stores that Nate and both like to go to. It would be a lot easier to just send one of us and leave one home with the kids, but it never works out that way. It is just so fun!! And lastly, he did remind me tonight how lucky we are that we can go to the stores and buy whatever we want or need. How grateful I am to live to the good old USA! We truly are blessed.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Fishin' on the 4th

We went fishin on the 4th! We went up to Strawberry Res. with my family and actually caught some fish. Nate took Nick fishing last year and Nick always reminds us how they got "Skunked!" (didn't catch any!) So we were very excited to not have a repeat! We did start the day with a yummy homemade Stuffed French Toast! Compliments of me! MMMMM! It was delicious. Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bear Lake

We had a blast at Bear Lake! The kids could spend all day everyday playing in the water and finding "she-shells." Mckay was grateful to have such a large potty! (not my idea!) Nick loved his new goggles, even though he never used them like most do. Natalie carried her bucket with her everywhere she went, and you better not try taking it away! So we survived the beach with no sunburns and nobody drank too much nasty water!! Can't wait til next time!!