Friday, September 10, 2010

I Want to be a Mermaid

Natalie has decided that when she grows up, she wants to be a mermaid. Whenever she is in the tub or swimming pool, she will do a 'mermaid' move and be sure I see it. She has no desire to be a nurse, or teacher, or flight attendant or waitress (like me. I wanted to be a waitress, or a checker at the grocery store!). Just a mermaid.

Today we were watching the US Open and I said "Maybe one day you will be a tennis player and be in the US Open."
She looked at me and said "No. I am going to be a mermaid. If I don't grow a fin, then I will just be a mom!"
Seriously. How dissapointing to not grow a fin and just have to be a mom! She hasn't even seen the movie Splash yet. Wait until she sees the beautiful Daryl Hannah fall in love with Tom Hanks. She is going to be praying every day that her fin starts growing.
One day we are going to have to have the conversation that being a mom isn't so bad and that we can still play mermaids in the tub or swimming pool whenever we get the chance. That being a mom is truly the most wonderful and fulfilling adventure she will take on in this life.
I love my little Natalie and pray that one day she will be grateful her fin never grew!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Liv and Chewy

Liv is almost 6 months old! She is getting better at sitting on her own and I had to snap a few shots today of her with her favorite toy. Chewy! She loves Chewy! She loves to pull his hair whenever she can get at it. And, he lets her! I think they are building a great friendship!
I love her little tongue sticking out here!


This morning before school, Mckay wanted to go out and ride his bike. I told him he needed to just stay inside because people were leaving for work and they might not be looking for him. He might get hit. He then told me that if he did and got killed, I could have all his money! Cool! Lucky me! (He has $5 right now and it has been burning a whole in his pocket lately!) I was fixing Nick's hair as this was going on and Nick said, "No, I want all his money! Then I would have $13!"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

We went up AF canyon for a Labor Day picnic. We picked up some sandwiches, cooked some smores and did a little hiking. The kids loved it!

Nat and Mckay exploring!
Olivia loved hanging on daddy's back!

Nick playing with his pocket knife. He can't wait to turn 8 and get his own!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School 2010

The carpool gang- minus Micheal

Nick is in second grade this year.  He is starting the Spanish Immersion program at his school with Sra. Duran as his teacher.  Nick is very excited to learn Spanish like his uncles.  Nick wanted a one-strap backpack this year.  I originally got him a 'normal' one which just didn't cut it! 

Mckay and his buddy Micheal.  Both have their 'fast' Sketchers on!
Oh Mckay!  My new little Kindergartner.  I am so excited for you to be in Kindergarten and go to the same school as your cool older brother Nick.  Mckay has Miss Palmer and he might have a slight crush on her already!  When he saw her the second time, he mentioned that she didn't look as cute as she did the first day.  He asked if I noticed?!  Nope, but love that you did.  He and his buddy Micheal were comparing the cuteness of their new school teachers!
Mckay and Miss Palmer

I think these pictures express perfectly Mckay's excitement for school this morning!  Hope he can contain himself this year in Kindergarten!  Gotta love the personality!
And, my sweet Natalie started her second year of preschool!  She was so excited to be going to Miss Kim and I am excited she gets to go 3 mornings a week and at the same time as Mckay.  She gets to be in the same class as her cousin Jackson!  School just couldn't start soon enough this morning.  The kids were all up at 7:00, dressed, and ready to go!