Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby

Olivia loves to play in the bassinet and pretend she is the baby! We are all getting excited for him to come and wish it would come sooner!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The 'HiPad'

 Olivia might be a little obsessed with the 'HiPad' as she calls it!  I can't say I don't love it either.  I do.  She goes from one thing to the next in the kitchen while I spend what seems like hours in their.  She likes to be right by me!  And I love that!  She goes from making her own 'recipes' to coloring and then off to the Ipad.  She is so good at navigating her way around the Ipad.  It amazes me how she will find the folder with her games on it, and go from one game to the next.  It makes me wonder how all this technology will effect these little ones!  Will it make them smarter... or in need of more mental stimulation all the time?! 

Thoughts By Mckay

Mckay lost his other front tooth and now has a big gap to fill in!  The tooth fairy must have been on vacation for several days because she didn't show up for a while.  She finally made it though and forgot to take the tooth.  I'm guess it was because the tooth was a little too old to take?  Hmmm...

The other morning while the kids were getting ready for school, Mckay asked how long he has to go to school.  He figured that once this year was over, he was about done!  Nate let him know that he has about 11 more years of school until he is done with highschool, and then there is the matter of college to think about.  Poor Mckay burst into tears right there!  It was quite an overwhelming thought that he had just realized!  It was actually kind of sad and I totally get it.  That does sound like forever and it will FEEL like forever too.  There is just no way around it!
So Here's to Mckay's schooling career!  Hope it gets better as he goes along!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Helper!

 Olivia loves to put her apron and hat on and 'help' me in the kitchen! 
Thanks to Grandma for the cute apparel!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve and Day

 We had a fun New Years Eve and Clint and Britneys and then had a fun party on New Years Day and G&G Delahunty. 
 Some great glasses on Grandpa, Nick, and Britton!
 The kids competing in the candle/snowball contest!

 Nick was the winner of the kids!
 Natalie trying her skills at one of the Minute to Win-It games

 Sam and James with their Reindeer stockings on!
 Carly and Natalie skillfully mastering the dice challenge!  Way to go girls!