Friday, November 23, 2007

GoBble gObBLe

We had a great Thanksgiving!  We cooked, ate, bowled, and ate some more!  I love this time of year and the reminder it gives me to be grateful for all I have.  I have been given so much and I need to be better about remembering that throughout the rest of the year.  A few quick things that have been in my thoughts this week that I am truly grateful for are:

1. My health and the health of my family.  I know so many that are struggling and dealing with serious illness and sickness and I feel so blessed that right now in my life we are all healthy (other than my usual ear infection/ sinus infection! blahh!)

2. Living close to so much family.  I love it! 

3.  Nate's career change.  Outdoor Lighting! It still has it's ups and downs, but whoa!  So much better! It has been life changing. He is doing holiday lights too(if anyone still needs there lights put up, give me a jingle!  yep, the man who hates doing lights. Go figure!!)

4.  My computer.  I know, sounds worldly, but I could give you lots of fabulous reasons it isn't necessarily a worldly thing.  (All of my fellow bloggers understand!)

5.  And of course, my adorable babies.  Yep, still call them all my babies and they are quick to remind me they are not babies.  I love them and feel very blessed to be there mommy!   thanksgiving fam copy    Thanksgiving 018Thanksgiving 022   Thanksgiving 024 Thanksgiving 051  Thanksgiving 120Thanksgiving 041

Saturday, November 17, 2007

the JOY of music

I have been meaning to post this before now because it means so much to me!  My mother in-law called me a couple weeks ago and asked if I wanted one of her pianos!  I don't know if I was hormonal, or just experiencing such shock and excitement, but I started crying immediately and couldn't respond!  She asked again- "do you want it?"   I got a  "yes" out and a "thank-you!" and couldn't say much more!   We went and picked it up that night, and with the help of many kind souls, we got it into the living room and I have looked at it with Joy and Gratitude ever since.  THANK YOU LINDA!  WE LOVE YOU!!

We have all spent time playing and singing and it is so nice to have the sound of music around the house again.  I love it.  I have love playing late into the night as the kids are sound asleep.  Nick picked out "Listen, Listen" on his own the other day!  If you come to the door at just the right time, you might be unlucky enough to hear Nate and I belting out Phantom of The Opera.  Yep, we sing love songs to eachother while I play.  I can't say it is that romantic because we don't sound all that good, but Nate would make a great PHANTOM! 

5th-8th 050

I also have to tell my Mom and Dad THANK-YOU for giving me Piano Lessons.  I am thankful to have the gift of music in my life! LOVE YOU BOTH!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Birds and the Bees! Yep allready!!

Last night as I was trying to have a nice conversation around the dinner table with my kids, Nick asked me when my tummy was going to get big again! He told me that he is lucky to have a brother and sister but Natalie doesn't have a sister and it's not fair. He told me that next October would be a good time for my tummy to be big again. How old is Nick you ask- yep- he is five now and I guess he wants to be involved in this big decision! Little does he know what a big step it will be to have my tummy get big again- but yes, I will do it someday. So anyway, his next question was " how do you get pregnant mom?" HMMMMM,what to tell a 5 year old. I told him it takes a mommy and a daddy. He said, "but how? Is is from HUGGING?" I couldn't say yes because I didn't want him thinking that next time Nate and I "hug" that I am going to 'get a big tummy!' I told him I would tell him when he gets older which only made him more persistent. Sooo, what do you tell a 5 year old I ask you?!! I told him that Heavenly Father puts a baby in my tummy and somehow that satisfied for now. So hopefully this question doesn't come up again until he is quite a bit older, because I haven't prepared myself for this conversation yet. I swear it was just barely that I had this discussion with my own parents

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Christmas Story! AHHHHH!!

While we are Kangaroo Zoo, Nate decided to take Nat on her first big slide! Can you see the size of this slide? Going down it even made me have to close my eyes. So Nate for some reason thought Nat would like to go down it by herself. As she came sliding down by herself, I had images of the movie 'A Christmas Story' when Santa sends Ralphy down the big slide. Needless to say.........

this is how Nat was the remainder of our time at Kangaroo ZOo! Not a happy Camper!

Party Hardy!

I am finally getting to posting pictures from our fun birthdays! Mckay's party was fun, but I am thinking we will wait until Natalie is 5 to have her first friend party! Mckay loved his "bug mountain" cake, playing the marshmallow game, and couldn't get his presents opened fast enough.

For Nick's party we went to Kangaroo ZOO! We took a couple friends and cousins and let them run wild. I made him a race-car cake that Nate told me would be perfect for his 8th birthday! Love ya Nate! It was a cute cake though!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Nick-o

My Nicholas turns 5 today. Yep, another birthday with a party, wrapping paper, and friends and family. 2 birthday parties in 3 days, what could be better? What good planning you might say, or is it the lack of planning that created 2 babies in precisely 2years almost to the day?!
I can't believe my baby is 5! For the last few days, he has been telling me how things will be different when he is 5! Now he is going to always be nice- He gets to make all of the rules today- etc! Yesterday, he told me that now that he is going to be 5, he wants to have a dark suit like dad. He said he has been noticing how good dark suits look. (where does he come up with these things?) I asked if he knew someone who had one in primary and he told me who did. I guess he is very observant these days and I guess I need to start shopping for a dark suit for him!
Happy Birthday my Nick-o. We are going to have a blast at Kangaroo Zoo!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

HaPPy BiRThDaY Mckay

My sweet Mckay is finally 3! I can't believe how fast time goes by. He is so excited to have a birthday party today with his friends! We invited a couple little kids over to wear birthday hats and play with balloons (those are the parts Mckay is sooo excited for!). We'll see how it goes! I love you my Mckay and hope you have a wonderful day (with a nap!!)