Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Liv's First Cake

 I made Olivia a little lemon cream cheese bundt cake for her first birthday.  It's all about class you know!  Teaching them about the nice things in life while they are young!  No really it is because that is what I wanted.  It was yummy! 

The kids loved watching her eat her cake and get so messy. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's My Birthday

and I'll cry if I want to. 
 Olivia turned one!  I tried taking a picture in the same spot I did her newborns, but it didn't turn out so well. 
She did wake up a much happier girl.  She usually does wake up happy.  I hear her in her room just gabbing and playing with her binky.  I think she secretly tries to stay in her crib as long as possible because it's the only place she gets her binky. 

 Liv's favorite place to be is outside.  She begs me to take her out there all day long.  Looking forward to warmer days!
 She isn't quite walking yet, but close.  She takes a few steps here and there. 
 I love this picture of her chubbe little fingers reaching for the camera. 

 She loved her new stroller. 
 Great Grandma and Grandpa Delahunty always send a card and a dollar. 
Olivia is one smart little girl.  I often feel like she wants to tell me so much and is frustrated that I don't understand her.  She knows her animal sounds ie.  doggy, duck, bird, cat, monkey, and dinosaur.  She signs more, please, and drink.  She sings "Ma Ma, Oooh ooh oooh oooh!"  She loves giving high fives and open mouthed kisses.  She says "Hi, Wow, Eoooh, momma, dadda, treat, thanks."  She nods yes and no and is a good little dancer if you ask!

Olivia's 12 month Stats

Length: 29in. 39%
Weight: 19# 8oz 18%
Head Circ: 46.5 83%

Happy Birthday Baby girl!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Using Your Brain

This made me giggle a bit when I read it.  I rememeber answering this question all the time when I was in school.  I love Nick's blatantly obvious answer! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Basketball Season

This is how basketball season looks at our house, and this is the extent of it too.  One hour a week at basketball practice and one hour on Saturdays watching Nick play.  It was enough for us, for now.  I think the boys are realizing that most families spend more time watching games at home and get excited about either BYU or Utah, but we don't.  The boys are definitely Utah fans because their cousins are and might be a little disappointed that I am a BYU fan because my dad is.  I have such fond memories of going to BYU football games with my dad.  Maybe it was because of the ice cream and treats he always bought us.  Or because I felt so cool being there with my dad.  I remember he always knew the best place to park- better than everyone else.  Even if we had to walk for miles, we wouldn't get stuck in traffic.  Thanks Dad for the fun memories and I will always be a BYU fan, even if my boys never will be. 

Nick is so fun to watch play.  He is so into it and loves every minute of playing.  He wants to be a pro-basketball player when he grows up.  I think they lost one game the whole season.  It was so cute to watch him celebrate after he would score- and glance over at us to see if we saw. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Natey Dear

Nate and I had a little get-away for his birthday.  We went down to Vegas for a few days and it was sooo good to get away.  We relaxed, ate, shopped, and slept!  We got to visit Mike and Ash and see their cute new baby.  We also went and saw Phantom of the Opera.  I love you babe and glad we could spend a little one on one time!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Who doesn't love

Fishy Lips?

Olivia has got this one figured out! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Nat and Mckay both came home from school on Dr. Seuss's birthday with these cute hats. I am grateful for good teachers who do fun things with my kids. 

Sewing Day

 I had my mom and sisters over for a sewing day.  My mom taught us how to
sew Mitered corners on baby blankets.  We had four sewing machines humming and
it was fun to spend a snowy day inside!

 We had my favorite Chicken Pesto Sandwich!  Yummy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lunch Time

Lunch time has been so much fun this year with these two!  Most days consist of PB&J's, Top Ramen, Melted Cheese cut into strips, or a Nick and Will (codename for a sandwich created by Nick and Will with cheese, then ham or turkey then mustard and mayo on top and put in the oven on broil!).  They both go to school in the morning and get home at the same time.  It has been fun to watch these two become better friends this year!

Best Buddies

This is Mckay with his younger cousin Houston.  We are so happy Houston lives so close now and these two can play more often.  Still not quite as often as they would like, but better than it used to be.  Houston is a month younger than Mckay, but you would never guess it!