Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What A Deal

My friends occasionally laugh at me because of the jOy I find in saving money- while spending more money. But this week I have found some great deals! I love Albertsons and Smiths 10 for 10$! We are enjoying having some extra yummies around the house and all of them cost 1$! What a dEAl! Granola bars 1 $! HoneyComb 1$! Multigrain Oatmeal 1$! and Nate's favorite- Pop tarts 1$! We also bought some dinosaur egg instant oatmeal that the boys are loving. When you put the oatmeal in the bowl, you can see dinosaur eggs. After it is cooked, the eggs have hatched and you have little dinosaurs. So cool! Nate called me this morning and asked if I had time to go get some more deals today. Of course I do! I really do love to sHoP and SaVe and when Nate is excited about it- how can I pass it up?

Rainy Day

The boys had a great time playing in the RaIn over the weekend. It didn't seem to bother them that it is no longer summer and a bit colder outside. The shirts still came off, and so did the pAnTS for Mckay! Okay, really it is a lot colder outside. We woke up to frost on the ground this morning. I don't know that I am ready for this yet!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Family Pictures

We finally had our family pictures done! Yea and it's over! I scheduled them a couple of months ago and I have been stressing out about them ever since. I realized there is only so much I have control over though-like what everyone was going to wear (which I finally figured out around 1:00 this afternoon! AHHHHH! Why do I procrastinate so much in my life?). We got caught in traffic which made us late. Natalie broke out in some rash on her face when we got out of the car. She decided to be a little grump for the first hour until she got to have a tea party! The boys loved the leaves, grass, dirt, rocks, trees, but not the camera! As we were driving down the canyon, Natalie started laughing and playing and SMILING! We had to stop and take a few pics of her happy because I don't know how many we will get with Nichole. So, I can't wait to see how it really all turned out and hopefully she will post some soon here!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Little Shop of Horrors!

WOW! We have the coolest new plant in our home. Right out of Little Shop of Horrors. Okay- not quite human eating, but fly and other small creature eating! The Venus Fly Trap. Yes! It really does eat FLIES. It is amazing. We have had so many flies buzzing around our house this last month. We are all very familiar with the song "Shew fly don't bother me!" Oh the JOYS of summer. I know in a few months when the flies are all FROZEN, I will be missing them! Now, we have left the door open on purpose a couple of times just so a fly will come inside and we can feed it to our plant. The plant SNAPS down on the fly the second it lands on it. It all sounds a little outerspace-ish that a plant can eat something living. It really is amazing!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Girls vs Boys

Is it easier to have Girls or Boys? I am still undecided! Here are some pictures from the week. Natalie is totally a climber just like the boys were and are. I am still loving dressing her and even bought her some "skinny jeans!" I don't know how skinny "skinny jeans" really are with a diaper bum, but cute none the less! The boys have a definite thing for wrestling and sword fighting as of late. I found some great SOFT swords last week and they love them!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Daddy is not going to be Proud!

Mckay is full of it lately and I have a BROKEN nail! No, I am not normally one that cares that my nails brake because I don't normally have nails. They don't grow and they are incredibly weak! I got a PEDICURE done last week- my fourth one in my life. I have been trying to be very careful with my toes because I love having them look nice for once. I was in a hurry to go get Nick from school today and Mckay would not get into his seat. I was a little frustrated and had to climb into the car to "gently" pull him into his seat and buckle him up. That is when my toenail broke and I lost it- just a little. I raised my voice a "little" and told Mckay he was in big trouble. We started driving and Mckay started telling me that "daddy is not going to be PROUD of you mom! Natalie, daddy is not going to be proud of Mom when he gets home." He said it about 5 times and I told him that he could not talk anymore. He said, "yes I can mom! See, I'm talking!" I am glad that we were DRIVING at that point and that Mckay was buckled securely in the back of the car and I in the front. I love my little Mckay! Can't wait for his teenage years!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day

We had a fun Labor Day hanging out in Manti! The boys loved their first experience on 4-wheelers and Nate would be happy riding through the dirt every weekend- either biking or 4 wheeling. Yes- he did both yesturday. My aunt and uncle were great to let us come hang out and fed us some great food. I found a new favorite that would be worth driving the 2 hours with children again soon. A fresh lime drink. So Yummy!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm Calling the Sharks!

My sweet little Mckay called the SHARKS on me! I don't know if we have watched one too many Discovery Channel shark shows , or Nate's story telling has gotten a little out of control. Nate has been known to tell some pretty crazy stories when he puts the kids to bed. He has told about TROLLS, magical reindeer, smorks, wizards- of all colors, unicorns, chinchillas with beady eyes, lions, tigers, and monkeys that scratch your back and "kill you dead" (as Mckay puts it!). When Mckay is in trouble he asks us if we are going to call the MONKEYS. He is a little freaked out by it. The lions, tigers, trolls and smorks don't seem to bother him, but the monkeys send some fear in him! Ok- so it does sound like some form of child abuse telling him about something that will "kill you dead." I don't use it as a threat and when he asks if we are going to call the monkeys I say "no." (maybe once I said "yes"!)
Yesterday after he had spent his 2 minutes in TIME-OUT, he was upset with me and told me he was "calling the Sharks to come bite my head off!" He went and got my cell phone and pretended to talk to the "sharks" and told me they were coming in five minutes to
"bite my HEAD off!" He even went outside to then wait for the sharks to come! LOL!! What a little stinker with a good imagination. Maybe we need to tone the story telling down a bit-Nate!! Love you!!